I made a wedding dress

June was good. Right after the bank holiday weekend, I married my favourite person in the world in the exact kind of low-key event we wanted: a really nice normal day. We got married in the registry office, had gorgeous Japanese food, and took the bus home to pack for our honeymoon. We read the... Continue Reading →

MeMadeMay 2018

So last year, before I bought my sewing machine, MeMadeMay was eye-opening. I was reading around some blogs and starting to use Instagram, and when I found the hashtag and started looking through everyone's pictures, I knew this was what I wanted to do. Not the perfect composed shots that show every detail and facet of... Continue Reading →

Scraps: Pattern weights

It's the world's most exciting project! I've been wanting some pattern weights for a while - I got an A1 cutting mat to go with my rotary cutter, at last - and it seemed extremely simple once the heavy filling was sorted out. After some thorough research (lol), I settled on aquarium gravel. It needed... Continue Reading →

Nixie briefs

One thing you read a lot about people making knickers is that it's an excellent way to use up small scraps. Having seen the size of the pieces I was cutting out, I burst out laughing, - it turns out that if you have a big arse, you're making big pants. This is the Nixie... Continue Reading →

Diode toque

I feel like I've been knitting this hat my whole life. I think I got about 10 hours in knitting the ribbed brim in a 4-ply yarn (so, not far!) before eventually accepting I was wildly off gauge and starting again. It's just a hat, I thought, I don't really need to swatch it. It... Continue Reading →

Blackwood Cardigan

I went nuts and bought myself an overlocker after Christmas - the Brother M343D, which was exceptionally well-reviewed for a GB£160 machine. You can totally sew knits on a regular sewing machine, and I'm wearing the results every day. However, I know I wear a lot of knits and will therefore make a lot of... Continue Reading →

Kabuki doesn’t love me

I have been really excited about making the Paper Theory Kabuki tee since I first saw it - it's an interesting basic, and a welcome contrast to the sea of independent patterns for very similar t-shirts. But I forgot about something. The fabric I used is a slinky, silky synthetic woven I bought in Abakhan in... Continue Reading →

Ottobre t-shirt production line

I started last week determined to fit a t-shirt pattern successfully even if it took a while, and to then make a bunch of them. And I succeeded! The pattern is from Ottobre 02/17, and it's in the magazine as a scoop-neck t-shirt with a printed motif. This was my first Ottobre make (I've bought... Continue Reading →

My first and nth socks

Socks are one of those specialised districts of knitting that seems arcane and intense. I've never really felt like I needed a pair - not plain enough, not blank enough - and then something about my mid-thirties obviously caught up with me, and I was suddenly petting variegated and hand-dyed sock yarns like a woman... Continue Reading →

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