Split Splat Apron

I started taking a pottery class recently at Arran Street East, and realised I was going to need an apron for it. Most of the class are wearing a normal kitchen style apron and they're probably emerging as clean as I am, but I'm messy as fuck and wanted something that would work with sitting... Continue Reading →

Tova Mittens

I've been having a little internal battle about buying patterns - I'm working to curb the impulse to buy them before I actually need them, but I also feel like I should be doing more with what I have. At the same time, I'm making my clothes - some days, it's ok to pay someone... Continue Reading →


I've been interested in trying SneakerKit for a while after seeing Guthrie & Ghani post about a staff workshop making them - I can't find the post, but the variety of colours and styles looked so good together, and the finished shoes looked convincingly like real shoes. Genuine Dublin winter mud It popped back into... Continue Reading →

I made a wedding dress

June was good. Right after the bank holiday weekend, I married my favourite person in the world in the exact kind of low-key event we wanted: a really nice normal day. We got married in the registry office, had gorgeous Japanese food, and took the bus home to pack for our honeymoon. We read the... Continue Reading →

MeMadeMay 2018

So last year, before I bought my sewing machine, MeMadeMay was eye-opening. I was reading around some blogs and starting to use Instagram, and when I found the hashtag and started looking through everyone's pictures, I knew this was what I wanted to do. Not the perfect composed shots that show every detail and facet of... Continue Reading →

Scraps: Pattern weights

It's the world's most exciting project! I've been wanting some pattern weights for a while - I got an A1 cutting mat to go with my rotary cutter, at last - and it seemed extremely simple once the heavy filling was sorted out. After some thorough research (lol), I settled on aquarium gravel. It needed... Continue Reading →

Nixie briefs

One thing you read a lot about people making knickers is that it's an excellent way to use up small scraps. Having seen the size of the pieces I was cutting out, I burst out laughing, - it turns out that if you have a big arse, you're making big pants. This is the Nixie... Continue Reading →

Diode toque

I feel like I've been knitting this hat my whole life. I think I got about 10 hours in knitting the ribbed brim in a 4-ply yarn (so, not far!) before eventually accepting I was wildly off gauge and starting again. It's just a hat, I thought, I don't really need to swatch it. It... Continue Reading →

Blackwood Cardigan

I went nuts and bought myself an overlocker after Christmas - the Brother M343D, which was exceptionally well-reviewed for a GB£160 machine. You can totally sew knits on a regular sewing machine, and I'm wearing the results every day. However, I know I wear a lot of knits and will therefore make a lot of... Continue Reading →

Kabuki doesn’t love me

I have been really excited about making the Paper Theory Kabuki tee since I first saw it - it's an interesting basic, and a welcome contrast to the sea of independent patterns for very similar t-shirts. But I forgot about something. The fabric I used is a slinky, silky synthetic woven I bought in Abakhan in... Continue Reading →

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